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geo-fencing marketing


The most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas. Geo-fence technology enables marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise and accurate data. We support bulk uploads of GeoJSON files to create shapes around public areas like political and school districts, street and highway boundaries, municipalities, etc.

Geo-Fencing Benefits

  • Incomparable Scalability
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Location File Import and Export Capability
  • Granular Localization via Custom Shapes & Sizes
  • Variable Recency (Instant – 30 days)
  • Boost mobile performance and reach
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your campaign’s effectiveness


Configurable Geo-Spatial Technology

Generates dynamic and configurable shapes custom to an advertiser’s campaign.

Each user is matched 1:1 to a desired targeting zone.


Location Matters

  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any business’s location
  • Leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your advertising success with Conversion Zones
  • The most reliable way to target mobile users in your business’s proximity


Use Case: Auto Dealership

An Auto Dealership would like to service ads to potential customers who have visited their competitors location and measure how many of them have visited their own locations.

First, the dealership can draw geo fences around their competitors to serve ads to customers that have been to those locations.

The dealership can then draw a Conversion Zone around their own location to track how many of their customers had seen and ad since visiting a competitor's location.

search targeting


Keyword Search Retargeting

Connect with more searchers more often and more effectively with our industry leading keyword-level search retargeting. Our search retargeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with the brand impact and reach of display. Intent data, such as keyword search terms, are the most effective targeting data available. Search retargeting gives advertisers the ability to target potential customers with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web.

We capture over 13 billion search events per month from over 300 million users. Each individual search is date and time stamped.


Keyword Level Bidding, Reporting, and Optimization

Offers full visibility and control for each targeted keyword. Just like in search marketing, the ability to vary bids for individual keywords is a must in order to achieve optimum results.


Variable Recency

Recency is a major factor in optimizing towards CPA, CTR, and CPC goals, and enables variable targeting and bidding based on the recency of the search event. For example, ads can be served to users who have searched within 15 seconds, 15 minutes, or 15 days of the time of their search.


Total Transparency

Enables advertisers to know exactly how much of each dollar spent goes to media, data, and platform costs. In addition, advertisers are able to see the spend and performance of each keyword, domain, exchange, time of day, and more. In the spirit of this transparency, we do not engage in CPM arbitrage.


Keyword contextual and marketing


Keyword Contextual

Connect with potential customers by showing relevant ads to users as they browse content related to their interests. Contextual targeting looks at the category or keywords of the page a user is viewing and serves them ads relevant to the page’s content. This can be done based on the pages they are currently viewing or pages they have visited in the past. Users will only see ads they are interested in, saving valuable impressions for the right potential customers.


Keyword Contextual Targeting

Create a custom list of keywords relevant to your product or business and our contextual targeting technology will scour the Internet to find sites with content containing those keywords on which to serve your ad.


Category Contextual Targeting

Serve your ad only on pages categorically relevant to your target audience, product, or business. Maximize the delivery of your ads with a extended selection of over 300 categorical contexts defined by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau).


Keyword / Category Contextual Combination

Combine keyword and contextual targeting to create a fully customized solution to target only the users interested in the content of your ad.

Example of the type of contextual data a keyword contextual campaign takes into account.


Maximized Efficiency

Creating your own relevant audience with keyword and category contextualization means maximum return for your marketing dollars.


Custom Scale

Our contextual targeting lets advertisers target users on a broadband scale through categories or get granular by targeting on the keyword level.


Total Transparency

Know exactly how each keyword and category performs through our standard transparent reporting. Adapt and optimize campaigns on the fly to leverage the top performing keywords and categories to increase campaign effectiveness.


Neighborhood Marketing Program Costs

All of the above services with full market penetration
($1,250.00 Regular Price) $750.00/mo/location

Full Reporting: You get a full service management Success Team to provide you with full reporting, best practices, etc to keep you current on how you campaign is progressing and its effectiveness!

Campaigns may be ramped down, seasonal, sales, special events, etc...

Creative for ad, one time (per ad)
Priced per Custom Ad
Creative takes "the Message" and combines it with your branding logos/colors etc to make it YOUR AD!


Pricing & specifications subject to change without notice.

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