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Help your customers with bad credit

Each year the Alternative Financial Service Industry generates BILLIONS of DOLLARS in check cashing, prepaid cards, money remittance and bill payment revenues! Your customers are buying these services; why not buy them from your Dealership?

Take it to the next level with the Buy Here Bank Here “Bank & Drive” Program that issues a real bank account and offers financial services in one easy to use terminal!

80% of your customers and prospects are unbanked! Why let them go to a check casher? Give the people what they want at your dealership! Give them a bank account! And provide numerous value add financial services!!!

Your BHBH “Bank & Drive” program produces Debit Cards branded with your dealership logos, retains all information about customers and their bank account, and maintains an ongoing relationship via text messaging that encourages the customer to return weekly or biweekly to deposit their pay checks, therefore funding vehicle contracts and reducing default risk substantially.

You probably already add a GPS to the vehicle; now track the customer’s cell phone to! Send text messages, deactivate the Bank & Drive Debit Card and the customer will call to find out why!

BuyHereBankHere software, the technology behind your BHBH Program, is built to be compliant with ALL new US banking regulations including the Patriot Act Know Your Customer (KYC), BSA/AML Acts, Check 21 and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) regulations.  The BuyHereBankHere software solution is state of the art!

Buy Here Bank Here®, SELL MORE!

  • BHBH® “Bank & Drive” is the ultimate sales & marketing tool!
  • BHBH® allows virtually everyone* to qualify for a Bank Account! Turn them into a somebody and watch them smile!
  • BHBH® allows for weekly or biweekly contract payments to be setup!
  • BHBH® Profit Suite of financial products to keep the Account Holder coming back to the dealership allowing repeat business, service and up-selling!
  • BHBH® offers prepaid products such as: Long Distance, Wireless, & Internet.
  • BHBH® also offers International Money Remittance & Bill Payment.
  • BuyHereBankHere software technology authenticates over 2800 types of ID and eliminates ID & Check Fraud.
  • BuyHereBankHere software even tracks leased autos using cellular phone GPS and card activity.
  • BuyHereBankHere software speeds recovery of assets to within days of payment default – not weeks or months!
  • Dealer promotions to Account Holder:
    Perks such as, sign up and receive:

▪ FREE Bank accounts and FREE Check Cashing for your customers is a popular suggestion from Dealers.
▪ Incentives of your choice such as oil changes, tire rotations, FREE upgrade, etc, keep the customer coming back!