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The Buy Here Bank Here One Time Enrollment!
Easy for You! Easy for Your Customer!

  • A new prospect hands your lightly trained clerk their ID & paycheck.
  • Using the BuyHereBankHere software touch-screen software, your clerk touches the graphic icon driving the Buy Here Bank Here® Terminal.
  • Your clerk scans the ID and paycheck.
  • BuyHereBankHere software authorizes or declines transaction eliminating ID & check fraud.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software “Reads & Lifts” the information and submits it to the BuyHereBankHere software servers.
  • A Personal Bank Account (DDA) or Prepaid Account is setup automatically without any keystroke entry by clerk.
  • New Account Holders photo and signature are collected.
  • New Account Holder chooses PIN.
  • “Bank & Drive” Photo ID Debit or Prepaid Card is printed on the spot BRANDED with your dealership name and logo.
  • Use the BuyHereBankHere software card at any ATM, POS, or Gas Pump displaying the Star or MoneyPass logos.
  • Optional companion branded VISA® Debit Card available. 
  • Accepted anywhere you see   Visa  or plus or  Star